WL 365HQ
Very high yield potential and agronomic performance under 4- to 6-cut harvest management systems and now our highest-yielding winterhardy conventional HQ released to date. HQ forage-quality levels make an ideal variety for cash hay or dairy producers.
Extremely winterhardy (WH=1.1); WL 365HQ delivers superior cold tolerance and long stand life, even under harsh weather conditions.

WL 354HQ
(FD=3.9 WH=1.4)
Unique wet soil disease resistance package
(including HR to Aphanomyces Race 2)
demonstrates significant on-farm benefits in stand establishment, persistence, and forage yield. A perfect Disease Resistance Index (DRI) of 35/35. Very high yield potential under 3- to 5-cut harvest managements; produces big yields across a wide range of soil types.

WL 319HQ
(FD=2.8 WH=1.3)
Proven in university and regional tests all across the country, WL 319HQ consistently delivers exceptional yields and outstanding feed value. WL 319HQ also provides producers with the highest levels of cold tolerance and winterhardiness available in the W-L lineup today. And when fed to dairy or beef cattle, WL 319HQ easily beats the competition in head-to-head comparisons for palatability, digestibility,
and overall profitability.

WL 343HQ
(FD=3.9 WH=1.7)
Superior digestibility promotes more milk or beef and greater profit potential when fed; WL 343HQ consistently beats the competition in head-to-head digestibility comparisons. Very fast recovery after cutting and superior
standability encourages intensive harvest
WL 454HQ. RR
(FD=4.8 WH=1.9)
WL 454HQ.RR promotes higher feed intake, improved milk production, and greater profitability when fed.Ideal intermediate variety for the cash hay producer. WL 454HQ.RR has consistently produced big yields of leafy, fine-stemmed hay with dark green color and
high %TDN.

WL  372HQ. RR
(FD=4.8 WH=1.8)
The combination of exceptional yield potential, very broad adaptation, and “HQ” superior feed value make WL 372HQ.RR the variety of choice for cash hay and dairy producers looking for a FD5 alfalfa that maximizes profitability under intensive management while utilizing the breakthrough benefits of the Roundup Ready® weed control system in alfalfa.

WL 356HQ. RR
(FD=4.9 WH=1.1)
Very high yield potential under 3- to 5-cut harvest managements. Unique wet soil disease resistance package (HR to Aphanomyces Race 2) promoting better stand establishment, persistence, and forage yield. WL 356HQ.RR carries the “HQ” designation, exhibiting strong potential to deliver higher feed intake, improve milk production, and increase profitability when fed.
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