Deer Corn- Cleaned and tested Aflatoxin free.

RL8767HBAW     112Day
Optimum® TRIsect® hybrid with excellent yield potential. Very good Goss's Wilt tolerance.
Hybrid best adapted thru the western cornbelt.
Very good drought and greensnap tolerance.

AV8714YHB        114Day
New 114 RM hybrid with top end yield potential. Position on good ground with high yield potential. Tall plant type with excellent agronomics. Excellent grain quality with very good test weight.

RL8929YHB 115Day
Widely adapted Optimum® AQUAmax® hybrid. Hybrid moves north of the zone with very early flower. Large ear size with good girth and flex. Optimum® Intrasect® insect protection hybrid with early flowering.

RL9583YHB        116Day
A "must" plant cornwith Optimum® Intrasect® insect protection. Lead proven hybrid with high yield potential. Open husk ears with hard, orange-tint grain. Well adapted to fertile soils with top managment .

RL9801YHB       120Day
Newer genetics with Optimum® Intrasect® insect protection. Well adapted to deep south growing conditions. Best yield potential under irrigation and high management. Tall plant type can be used as a silage option.

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AV5799AMX                                        99Day
Optimum® AQUAmax® hybrid with excellent yield potential. New leader hybrid for the 99 RM market. Excellent roots, drought tolerance, and short plant stature. Dual purpose silage and grain product.

RL6283HBAW                                   102Day
Upright plant with very good yield potential. Responds very well to high yield management on good soil.Very good tolerance to Goss's Wilt.
Excellent stalk quality through the season.

AV6805YHBW                                  105Day
Unique genetics with excellent yield potential.
Excellent agronomics and very good greensnap resistance. A lead hybrid at 105 RM. Optimum® Intrasect® Xtra Insect Protection for reduced refuge.

AV7307YHB                                      107Day
New 107 RM hybrid with very good yield potential and agronomics. Moderate plant stature with high test weight grain. Excellent roots and brittle snap tolerance. Optimum® Intrasect® Insect Protection.

RL7687YHB                                      109Day
Above average stalks, roots and brittle snap resistance. Best suited for good or irrigated ground. New genetics with excellent performance as grain or silage.Very good test weight with short husks.

RL7844YHB                                      110Day 
Adapted to both high yield and high stress conditions. New Optimum® AQUAmax® hybrid with excellent drought tolerance. Very good Greensnap resistance and good Goss's wilt resistance. Wide area of adaptation, both east and west.

RL8387YHB                                     112Day
Adapted to western cornbelt with great brittle and Goss's scores. Optimum® Intrasect® insect protection with great agronomics.Tall plant with excellent stay green and grain quality
Very good stalks, roots, and drought tolerance.